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The training workshop at the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering accommodates two main Lecture Rooms. There are other shared Lecture Rooms located in Block 7 and 10 including three main shared Lecture Theaters (ELT, LT III and LTIV).

At the moment there are 7 laboratories, which belong to the department. These include:

Processing and Storage Laboratory

Power and Machinery Laboratory

Soil and Water Laboratory

Machinery Maintenance Bay

Fabrication Workshop

Tillage and Traction Laboratory


INDUSTRIAL TRAINING                                                                      

The Industrial Training aspect of the programme is divided into four parts. The first part is the Students’ Work Experience Programme (SWEP) which is held at the end of 200-Level just during the end of session break in the Faculty’s workshop practice and have a “hand-on” experience of practical engineering. This serves as a channel for integrating in-house entrepreneur development and skill into our programme.

The tree other parts of the Industrial Training expose the students to real-life situations in engineering or related establishments within and outside the country.

Tractor and Machinery Shed


Other shared Laboratories are located in Block 7 and 9. These include:

Hydrology Laboratory;

Wood Workshop Laboratory;

Soil Laboratory;

Mechanics of Material Laboratory; and

Fitting Workshop


In addition, there are University Central Research Laboratory, University Central Workshop, Drawing Studio and Faculty Computer Laboratory.